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Welcome to Toptail Dog Grooming York

Toptail Dog Grooming is run by Emily and is primarily located in Acomb, York and one day a week in Osbaldwick, York.

As a lover of all things animal, I am committed to caring for your pet and making them look their best. We spend so much time looking after ourselves, it seems only right we do the same for our pets! All dogs are groomed on a one to one basis, so everyone receives the utmost care and attention.

At Toptail, I like to do my bit to help the environment and for this reason I only use natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly products on your pets, with no harmful chemicals or products tested on animals.

I offer all services, from a full groom to nail clipping, handstripping to puppy introductions. Please see the Treatments and Prices page for a full list.

Local dog groomer based in Acomb and Osbaldwick, York. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact via the contact page!

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Benefits of Grooming

It is essential to have your dog groomed regularly, in order to maintain the skin and coat. Aside from the obvious reason of your pet looking great, it also has enormous benefits for their health and wellbeing. Below are the benefits of dog grooming:

* Less shedding (so less hoovering!)
* Dead hair is removed, reducing the risk of matting
* Your dog smells fantastic 
* Clipped nails reduces the risk of painful walking or potential problems, such as arthritis
* Your dog will become accustom to regular handling
* Reduces the risk of parasites, such as fleas and ticks
* Your dog's coat can be styled to your preference and manageable to match your lifestyle
* Helps to catch any changes in your dog's coat or skin, any lumps, bumps or skin conditions, which may have gone unnoticed

With regards to the seasons, it is important to keep your dog well groomed throughout the entire year. Some people prefer the coats to be longer during winter in order to keep them warm, however, when the coat is longer it has more chance of becoming matted, which reduces airflow through the coat, increasing the risk of skin problems and hinders the coat from drying properly once wet, therefore making the dog colder. 

Your puppy can be groomed once it has had all it's vaccinations. I would recommend slowly introducing your pup to the dog grooming process and bring them in for my Puppy Package, to ensure they're happy and comfortable with the dog groomer and the salon from an early stage.

Grooming at Home

Regularly brushing your dog is essential, especially for long haired and wool coats, such as cockapoos, as it reduces the amount of matting. Keeping on top of your dog's coat removes any dead hair, improving the general look and the condition of the coat, as well as increasing the blood circulation, resulting in healthier skin and hair. Regular brushing also allows you to get to know your dog's body, therefore noticing if there are any changes to the coat or skin.